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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Extend Resource Edit program to handle importing, exporting and editing of Haiku resource files (Part 2)

completed by: Tri-Edge AI

mentors: Philippe Saint-Pierre, Jérôme Duval, mmu_man, Siarzhuk Zharski, Philippe Houdoin

Work on a Resource Editor for Haiku has been done on a previous task.  This task is to continue that work, adding several (8 or more?) of the items from this TODO list:

 - Editing of resource data via dialogs (or opening other programs for complex types like Icon-O-Matic for hvif resources or WonderBrush for images, etc)
 - Editing of resource info
 - Support for rdef files (not sure if this one should be export/import via rsrc only or full direct rdef save/load support, which would take a ton of time, but imho would be way cooler)
 - Displaying thumbnails for images in the CLV
 - Undo/Redo functionality
 - Copy/Paste functionality
 - Other formats?
 - Creating/editing custom types and constants (rdef spec has this afaik), but if the rdef support would be implemented through rsrc decompilation, this one doesn't belong here
 - Improve code design at the toString part
 - Merge functionality
 - Maybe a settings menu? Although there are not many things that I think can be added there
 - A check whether the file has unsaved modifications upon closing
 - Statistical info somewhere (total size, total resource count, etc)

The previous task is here, start from the attached patch "resourceedit-part1-6.patch":

Be sure to follow the Haiku Coding Guidelines as discussed in the comments on the part1 task.

This is a CODING task.