GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 RTEMS Project

Test Documentation Files update: tmtests/tmoverhd

completed by: Justin Potts

mentors: C Rempel

This task consists of reading and tmoverhd/testtask.c and edit tmoverhd.doc to describe the contents of tmoverhd/testtask.c in the correct format.  Then submit the resulting tmoverhead to Google Doc.

Location of Test Documentation Files

These files are located in the testsuites folder click in the folder and there should be a .doc which is the test document and a .scn which is the screen that should appear when the test is ran.

Format for Test Documentation Files

The correct format for the test documentation files is:

  1. If there is a copyright notice, please leave it intact
  2. Please use claim your work by adding your name and/or email
  3. "This file describes the directives and concepts tested by this test set."
  4. Test set name: name of the folder
  5. Directives: all the directives called in the test.c
  6. Concepts: describe what the test is doing -- it may help to look at the .scn which are the desired return values

Please see
for more details