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Google Code-in 2012 RTEMS Project

Identify Software Status: RTEMS DBKit (#2)

completed by: Ayush

mentors: C Rempel

RTEMS Toolkits - We are defining collections of libraries and support programs which make it easier to get started for certain types of applications. Each potential component must be evaluated for license and appropriateness for use in an embedded environment like RTEMS. If the software is determined to have an appropriate license, written in a language that the RTEMS compiler supports, and doesn't have too many dependencies, we embed the software into RTEMS and the end user has functionality that is already documented and maintained. For example the RTEMS configuration kit enables an end-user to easily write a configuration parser that is well-documented.

The task consists of taking the proposed software package within the kit and determining the last date each package was modified. To complete this task submit a .txt (or edit the toolkit page directly) with the date the package was last modified.

The directions for this task can be found at:

The URL for the config kit is: