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Google Code-in 2013 Apertium

begiak plugin to get number of articles of a given language's wikipedia

completed by: mattr555

mentors: Francis Tyers, Jonathan Washington

Write a phenny plugin for begiak that returns the number of articles on a given language's wikipedia.

One complication may be that the statistics page for various wikipedias might be named differently (i.e., localised), e.g. but also seems to redirect to it in this case (but does it in all cases?).

Also, put in several checks so that if a language isn't found right away it keeps looking.  A lot of wikipedias are named with two-letter language codes (e.g., kk), but three-letter codes for the same language should find the stats too (e.g., kaz).  Also, a number of languages have wikipedias in incubator, so if a wikipedia isn't found right away, the script should check the incubator, e.g.