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Google Code-in 2013 Apertium

come up with better colours for pairviewer

completed by: reikaze

mentors: Jonathan Washington

Pairviewer currently has a set of colours that's semantically annoying. Ideally we would have something clearer. The main idea is that the darker colours represent more-worked-on pairs, and "good" colours (e.g., green) represent more production-ready pairs. The current set of colour scales, instead of relying solely on darkness of colour within each scale, rely on hue also. Make it so that these scales internally rely more exclusively on darkness. Try a few different variants and run them by your mentor, who will have final say as to what's best. (And if you can leave a few variants around that can be switched out easily in the code, that would be good too.) You can merge the 1-9 and 10-99 categories if you want (so you'll only need 4 shades per hue); anything under 100 stems is a very small language pair, and we don't need any more detail than that.