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Artikulate User Documenation: Getting Started

completed by: ☃ snowman

mentors: Andreas Cord-Landwehr

Artikulate is a pronunciation learning application currently in development in the KDE Edu playground. There are several blog posts in the web that explain its usage and also provide screenshots. This application aims to complete the suite of language learning applications in KDE Edu.

In this task you shall document the first steps of a new user using this application. This essentially includes the following steps:

  1. create a user
  2. select favorite languages (use Polish for this example, since it is the currently best available course)
  3. download course for Polish
  4. start training
  5. complete training (i.e., the statistics screen is shown)

Add screenshots where needed, but at least one per screen/dialog that you explain. You can either get Artikulate from the Project Neon autobuild packages or compile it by yourself, as explained here:

The user documentation should be put to the wiki page Existing content at that page has to be revisited and adapted accordingly (or removed if not applicable anymore)