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Picturestrip navigation should loop

completed by: Mikhail Ivchenko

mentors: Sinny Kumari

Plasma Media Center has one of the feature to show pictures from filesystem/online. When you select a picture's thumbnail to view full picture, a picturestrip appears at the bottom which contains preview of all images and controls (next, previous and slideshow) to navigate through.




Above image tells how picturestrip look like. Icons rounded with red colour are previous/next image button.


Currently, when you have selected first image from picture strip and clicks previous image button then nothing happen. Same way, when user reaches to the last image and clicks next image button, then nothing happens.


Now, we want that when user is looking to the first image and presses previous image button then user should see last image. Same way, when user is viewing last image and then user presses next image button, then user should see now first image

How to proceed?

In order to work on this problem, please first install Plasma Media Center on your system. contains all basic information needed to start with.



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