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Google Code-in 2013 KDE

Support worldwind URIs in Marble

completed by: Levente Kurusa

mentors: Torsten Rahn, Dennis Nienhüser

Marble can open Geo URIs using the --geo-uri parameter. This task shall extend the GeoUriParser class to also handle worldwind URIs.

  • Extend the parse() method of GeoUriParser to check if the given string starts with "worldwind". If so, create a QUrl from the string. If it is valid, extract the coordinates from the URL parameters as described in If the string does not start with "worldwind", the usual Geo URI parsing should happen.
  • Test your implementation with some sample worldwind URLs. Register a protocol handler for worldwind similar to the existing marble.protocol handler for the geo protocol. Check if multiple [Protocol] sections can be used in one file, otherwise rename marble.protocol to marble-geo.protocol and create a marble-worldwind.protocol file. For testing, either install to /usr or copy the .protocol file(s) to ~/.kde/share/kde4/services. A geo: or worldwind:// link clicked in a browser should then open Marble at the given location
  • Extend the GeoUriParser by a method Planet planet() const. It should return the planet (default: Planet( "earth" )) corresponding to the geo uri / worldwind url. It should be extracted with a heuristic iterating over Planet::planetList and doing a case insensitive substring match of the planet name with the crs (geo uri) or world parameter (worldwind url), if present.
  • Change Marble KDE and Qt to query the extracted Planet as well and, in case it differs from the currently shown planet, switches to a map theme from that planet. You can use ControlView::mapThemeManager() and its 
    MapThemeManager::mapThemeIds() method to determine a suitable map theme (using a string based comparison heuristic again. The id scheme is "$planet/$name/$name.dgml"). It might make sense to move the parsing code to ControlView in order to avoid code redundancy in between Marble Qt and KDE.
  • Extend the GeoUriParserTest unit test to cover some worldwind URLs as well
  • Create a review request