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Google Code-in 2013 KDE

Artikulate Soundwave Comparison

completed by: Benjamin Kaiser

mentors: Andreas Cord-Landwehr

Artikulate is a pronunciation learning application currently in development in the KDE Edu playground. There are several blog posts in the web that explain its usage and also provide screenshots. (For testing Artikulate, you could use the Project Neon packages.)

The learning workflow in Artikulate is as follows: a user selects a group of phrases and trains them. Training a phrase means, he/she listens to a native speaker's recording of a phrase, then records his/her voice when repeating that by himself/herself. Afterwards by listening to both recordings (the native and the learner recording), the learner can judge if the phrase was well spoken.

To improve the evaluation process, it could be beneficial to have a visual help in terms of a plotting of the soundwaves of both recordings.

In this task you should create a report that discusses possibilities for creating a soundwave comparison diagram. Especially, your report should cover the following points:

  • which types of soundwaves are useful for such a comparison and why (please add references!)
  • are there existing tools/projects that provide the creation of such comparisons
  • can you find similar projects (either applications or webservices) that have such a soundwave comparison

Please submit your report as an OpenDocument file.