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Check maps of KGeography are not outdated (3)

completed by: Benjamin Kaiser

mentors: Albert Astals Cid

KGeography has lots of maps, some of them may be outdated because new regions are being created/destroyed/merged all the time. The task here is to start kgeography and check against a valid source if the maps regions names and capitals are still correct for the following list of maps: Gujarat Guyana Haiti Haryana Himachal Pradesh Honduras Hungary (Counties) Hungary (Regions) Iceland (Regions) India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland (Provinces) Israel Italy Italy by Provinces Jamaica Japan Jharkhand Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Districts (Pre 2009) Liechtenstein Lithuania (Municipalities) Luxembourg (Cantons) Malaysia Manipur Mexico (States) Mongolia We want you two provide two urls you used to check the data and in case that there is something that is not correct on our maps a detailed description of what is wrong.