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Google Code-in 2013 Wikimedia

Define a plan for a "Promote MediaWiki" page at

completed by: RandomHandleForPrivacy

mentors: Guillaume Paumier, Quim Gil

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions first.

MediaWiki is the engine running Wikipedia and thousands of websites. We are missing a "Promote MediaWiki" page at giving ideas to contributors and other MediaWiki enthusiasts. Be the one creating a first version!

This task refers to the planning phase. Once it is completed we will publish another task to produce the page.


  1. Research web pages accomplishing this mission in other projects. We encourage you to find 5-10 good examples from different areas, with different styles
  2. Create the "Promote MediaWiki" page at with a "Coming soon" string.
  3. Create the related Discussion page, with a new section where you expose your findings about the research e.g. What works well? What ideas could we adopt and adapt?
  4. Propose a mockup defining the structure of the page and the main areas. No need for graphics or copy text yet.

The task will be completed once you and your mentor agree that you have a good plan in place.