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Include title cards in "HOW TO FILE A FIRST REPORT IN BUGZILLA" screencast

completed by: Husn Shujaat

mentors: Andre Klapper, Quim Gil

Thanks to one GCI task we have a video about How to file a first report in Bugzilla.

Thanks to another task we have a template for title cards to be used in videos. Here:

Let's mix both. Your task is to adapt the title card template to this video, creating cards for the opening and the closure, plus substitutes for the cards already shown within the video.

In order to save you work editing the video, let's agree first on the cards, and then let's insert them in the video edit.

You can find the background of this task at

Bug 54606 - Make tutorial video on how to use Bugzilla

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions first.