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Google Code-in 2013 Wikimedia

Create a page with instructions for new Ops volunteers

completed by: Sanjay Ravindra

mentors: Guillaume Paumier, jeremyb, Quim Gil

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions first.

Wikimedia's server infrastructure is open to contributions from volunteers. Access to some information and permissions is obviously limited for security and privacy purposes, but there are many areas where volunteers can help. The first problem new contributors run into, though, is the lack of a landing page with basic instructions. You can help fixing this problem!

As a registered user, create with short descriptions and related links about the following topics:

  • The Ops team, scope of their work, where to find them
  • The server infrastructure maintained by the Wikimedia Ops team
  • The code repositories managed by the Operations team
  • Skills needed to get involved (e.g. Puppet), and where to learn about them
  • Permissions needed, or how to work with ops with those permissions
  • How to find tasks in Bugzilla and RT
  • How to test your changes in Labs
  • How to propose your changes in Gerrit

The goal is to offer a single page offering a good overview and linking to all relevant pages. You should avoid duplicating content available elsewhere. Instead, link to it providing the right context.

Allow yourself a good amount of time digging into Ops related information in and

You are encouraged to draft on the wiki page since the first sentence. Create a skeleton and complete the page through small and frequent edits. It will be useful to join the #wikimedia-ops IRC channel to announce your task and to ask questions. Link to your new wiki page and mention the fact that you are working on a Google Code-in task.