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Fix broken responsiveness of Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard

completed by: Mateusz Maćkowski

mentors: Praveen Singh, Harsh Kothari

Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard

The Language Coverage Matrix dashboard helps to automate the information about language support provided by the Language Engineering team for e.g. key maps, web fonts, translation, language selector, i18n support for gender, plurals, grammar rules. The LCM displays this information as well as provides visualization graphs of language coverage using various search criteria such as tools or languages.

Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard is currently deployed on tools:

Lcmd is responsive to the page layout. However it is a little broken right now. For example when the window width is reduced, the search bar appears over the filters. Example screenshot: .

The search bar should not hinder the filters. This needs to be fixed.


On reducing the window width, the number of language list columns is reduced from three to one even when there is enough room for two columns. Example screenshot:

Rather than showing only one language column, two columns should be shown when there is enough space available.


Source code is available on github here:

Students can send a pull request having the required fixes to the above repository.

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions first.