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Subscribe all missing public mailing lists to Gmane

completed by: Geoffrey "GEOFBOT" Mon

mentors: Quim Gil

1) Take the list of all publicly archived mailing lists:
2) List all those which are not yet in or and
add the list here as comment (this can be helped by bug 58957 but can be done
independently from that).
3) Subscribe each of them at , filling the
fields in this way (don't touch the others):
a) Mailing list email address: <name>, e.g.
advocacy_advisors/    2013-Dec-03 03:27:08    -      Directory ->,
b) Description: the description on [[m:Mailing lists/Overview]] if present, or
whatever<name> says, or nothing.
c) Mailing list software: mailman
d) [IMPORTANT!] Group name: follow existing patterns, so<LanguageNameInEnglishAllLowercase> for
Wikipedia mailing lists, or<MailingListName> (without any
-l) for all the rest unless a more specific parent exists, in particular
"india" for Indian groups, "usa" for USA groups and "mediawiki" for all
MediaWiki-related lists [1] [2] [3]
e) [Optional] Language: the list's language if not English; Localisation: yes
f) Your email address: my email address, federicoleva@ (bugzilla tells you it);
g) Comments: "We hope to be able to provide mbox archives too for completeness
at a later stage but we'll appreciate the inclusion of the lists just for posts
from now on too".

More information at the bug report
Bug 58959 - Subscribe all missing public mailing lists to Gmane

Please ask any questions in the bug report. You will have better chances for quicker and better answers from the project maintainers and other community contributors.

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