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Google Code-in 2013 Wikimedia

Create a screencast explaning how to file a first report in Bugzilla

completed by: Husn Shujaat

mentors: Andre Klapper, Quim Gil

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions first.

We encourage all our users and contributors to file bug reports whenever they encounter technical problems. Filing bugs/enhancements is difficult for some people to figure out. We can lower the barrier pretty easily by making a short video showing you how.

We started discussing this task at

Bug 54606 - Make tutorial video on how to use Bugzilla

Read all the comments and follow the related links. Familiarize yourself with our new guided form, which will be used in the video instead of the default Bugzilla form.

With all this information produce a screencast using this script completed in another GCI task.

Send regular updates to Bug 54606, since the moment you take the task until the point when you have a script ready for video production. You might want to record and share a very short test screencast first, in order to agree on the basics before you try to produce the full screencast. contains useful tips for producing screencasts.