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Cleanup / Redesign the Wikidata:Tools page

completed by: Bene

mentors: Addshore, Lydia Pintscher

The page can be found at

This page is a central page on Wikidata which lists all tools that can be useful to users of Wikidata.


All 'Wikidata-centric' Gadgets that are listed in the Preferences >> Gadgets >> Wikidata-centric should be listed on the page. If any of these gadgets are missing a screenshot this should be included where possible.

All User scripts should include the importScript quoted line in the same style and also include the Author and a screenshot where possible.

All External tools where possible should have a screenshot displaying what they do ( If the tool is a visual tool ). If the tool can not have a screenshot then the description should be detailed. Also all links and titles should be present for these tools.


After cleaning the page attempt a redesign of the page in a sub-page of your user space, for example after logging in navigate to Feel free to copy content from the existing page and use that as a base or start from scratch.

To be accepted the design must appear different to the current design but also contain the same information about the tools.