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Update Wikidata's property proposal statistics for undeveloped data types

completed by: Allen Guo

mentors: Lydia Pintscher, John Lewis

Students are required to read 
Wikidata is a fairly new project to Wikimedia and based on a fairly new extension to MediaWiki. Wikidata is based on Wikibase which has the capabilities for anyone to set up a knowledge base repository and knowledge base clients, in Wikimedia's case Wikidata and other projects. Currently Wikidata is in use on three projects (Wikipedia, Wikivoyage and Commons) and is scheduled to serve Wikisource starting January 14th.
Wikidata is being used to shape the development of Wikibase, one of the key features of Wikibase is properties. Properties allow certain data values to be stored on a Wikibase repository and then be accessed by clients. Changes to properties on the repo allows the value to be immediately updated everywhere the property is in use. Due to this, properties are each designed different to hold different types of data, these are called data type. Every property has a different data type which regulates data that can be in putted. Current data types that exist are:
  • Item (Links to another item within the repo)
  • Commons media (Links to a stored file at Wikimedia Commons)
  • String (Used to store identifiers which do not change based on language)
  • Time (Allows storing of time and dates)
  • Coordinates (Stores global coordinates)
  • URL (Displays a hyper link to a web resource)

The Wikidata development team have more data types planned for development however priority is a key thing.

This task is to update the current property statistics with new data from Wikidata's property proposals which will allow Wikidata's development team to prioritise future development. A format to follow is available there with previous statistics available in the edit history. After, put them in a list from most requested to least requested in the priorities section.