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URGENT! Polish the MediaWiki 1.22 release page by November 29

completed by: Hector Arturo Escobedo

mentors: Guillaume Paumier, Quim Gil

We are releasing MediaWiki 1.22 on November 29. We have a page describing the features of this release and other details:

The basic information is already there but the page would still welcome some love:

  • A lead paragraph summarizing the most important features of this release. Why is it worth installing/updating it? Why would MediaWiki power users care? What novelties does it bring to developers?
  • Content polishing in general: correct English, similar degree of detail in all sections, consistent tone of voice...
  • Screenshots and other illustrations to provide examples and spice up the page.
  • All the better if you come up with layout enhancements, with an option to use HTML/CSS.
  • Bonus point: check the full release notes just in case another interesting features should be highlighted.
The reference to beat is Can you do it?


  • This task has deadline: November 28. If you claim this task you must deliver on time.
  • You must enjoy writing and be a fluent technical English writer.
  • You must have experience editing wiki pages, commenting your edits and writing texts collaboratively, also using the related wiki discussion pages. 

You will be editing the real page in real time. Your changes might be modified and reverted by others. You might end up discussing with @hexmode and @qgil about your changes... Expect time invested in discussing improvements, waiting for others to comment on your changes...

If you have never worked in such context then this task might not be for you. However, if you enjoy writing under pressure on a collaborative document that will be read by thousands, this is you chance!