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Missing message timedmedia-flac

completed by: Theo Patt

mentors: Quim Gil

The MediaWiki extension TimedMediaHandler has the following problem:

TimedMediaHandler is missing the i18n message for timedmedia-flac.

Steps to see:
*Go to (or
some other flac file)
*On the player, click the menu button
*Click the download icon (looks like an underlined down arrow)
*Notice the "Original <timedmedia-flac> file (1.39 Mbps)",
(Where <timedmedia-flac> denotes the missing message)

Also noticable on:
More at 
Bug 58732 - Missing message timedmedia-flac

Please ask any questions in the bug report. You will have better chances for quicker and better answers from the project maintainers and other community contributors.

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