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MobileFrontend: Main menu animations fail in Right-to-Left in alpha mode

completed by: Mateusz Maćkowski

mentors: Jon Robson

The MobileFrontend extension has this problem that you could fix:

In experimental mode (alpha), the menu jumps to the left of the screen and renders very badly.
In alpha mode, we make modifications to the Chrome to animate the
main menu. The task is to polish this feature more and make it work in RTL mode
so it can be pushed to beta.

Read this bug report through for more information:
Bug 56391 - Alpha: Main menu animations fail catastrophically in RTL

Please ask any questions in the bug report, where more community contributors will might able to help.

Students are required to read Wikimedia's general instructions first. Patches should be submitted to Gerrit and reference the bug report in the commit message. Ideally the solution should be added to the alpha mode of the MobileFrontend extension to allow testing and quicker merging, repository maintainers can help with this during the code review process.