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Google Code-in 2014 FOSSASIA

Design an html email to be sent out to new contributors

completed by: Tymon Radzik

mentors: Aruna Herath

Design a welcome HTML email that would be sent out to new contributors of fossasia.

Include following.


It will be great if you can include images that are designed by yourself using open source software such as,

Do not use random images from the internet.

You can refere and for ideas and some images.


Include a friendly welcome note and thank them for deciding to contribute to open source. The text is important. Because most email clients would not display images from first-time senders. You can refer and for ideas.


Invite them to join with fossasia via facebook(<wbr/>fossasia) and twitter(


  • Your html should be responsive. Try it out on different devices you have and upload screenshots with your work.
  • Use inline css and javascript. Embedded css / javascript probably won't work on many email clients.
  • If you are using fonts be aware whether they are free to use.