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Google Summer of Code 2009

The Asterisk Project

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Asterisk is the most popular open source telephony applications platform. For more information about the Asterisk project, see the following page:


  • Asterisk Data Storage API The goal of this project is to organize all of the ways that Asterisk stores data, and provide a generic API for accessing and updating the data while an instance of asterisk is running. This project will focus on storing the data and keeping it available in memory. The specific implementation and project details can be discussed in detail at the start of the Google Summer of Code project.
  • CLI filtering Currently in Asterisk CLI, there's no way to debug real-time a specific channel. This causes a lot of problems, cause when you're having more then 10 channels on your system, it's really hard to track-down a specific channel. This project is to implement a channel-specific filter in the CLI. This is also to switch from the single verbose level to a multiple verbose level. Here's a link which contains more details:
  • Generic data export/retrieval API. Create a generic "data get" layer for Asterisk components to be able to expose data that they maintain. Currently, modules implement specific code to implement CLI commands, manager interface actions, and so forth, while it would be much nicer to have this data available through a common interface being exported and retrieved using this API.