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Google Summer of Code 2009

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The Atheme project is responsible for the Audacious Media Player, the Conspire IRC client and NASPRO. Other software written by the Atheme developers are the Charybdis IRCd and Atheme IRC services.


  • Audacious Interfaces This project aims to improve audacious interfaces support.
  • Audacious Tagging Library Currently in Audacious the tagging of various formats is done in the correspondent input plugin. The problem is that in some of the plugins the handling is incomplete and some do not support metadata writing. The purpose of this project is to implement a unified tagging library that will remove the overhead of tagging from the input plugins and offer a more complete and proper handling of the song's metadata.
  • Creation of a simple NASPRO host using the NASPRO API The host will be multithreaded: *a thread will take input audio, process it according to user pref. and throw it as output *a second thread will render a GUI, letting the user select the effects (and relative settings) to apply,interrogating NASPRO objects The main goal of the project is writing a JACK/GTK application, but I'll try to write code as modular as possible, so that as an extra(optional) goal it should be possible to select which GUI plugin and/or which audio I/O plugin to use