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Google Summer of Code 2009

Free Software Initiative of Japan

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Non-Profit organization promoting Free Software Movement in Japan.

We have been hosting GNU/Linux for M32R project, CodeBLOG project, and Debian Snapshot project, etc.

Members include developers of GCC, Linux, GRUB, and Ruby.

We have hosed events for Free Software people, such that, CodeFest Asia and CodeFest Tokyo/Kyoto,

Free Software Symposium, Internationa GPLv3 conference, RMS talk, etc.

We have monthly meeting regularly in Akihabara.

Please come to join us!



  • Creating a complete software suite for Akizuki 32x16 LED display The goal is to aid the Japanese Free Software Community by providing the many hobbyists and engineers with appropriate free tools for the popular Akizuki 32x16 LED matrix display controled by an AVR based device connected to a PC via USB.
  • Free Software tool for Akizuki 32x16 LED display (with USB) Make a program which control an LED display of 32x16 size of Akizuki by USB directly and display character string.
  • Rubots I propose a learning environment for Ruby based on the actual usage of the language in a challenging environment : programming robots to compete in a simulation. This project will be built on top of modern robotics middleware and simulator. Thanks to this, the Rubots API and bindings can also be used for serious purposes like programming real robots. The goals are: - Open a new field for Ruby (robotics). - Create the most interesting introduction to a programming language available.