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Google Summer of Code 2009


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Hugin and related tools are the most advanced open source solution to manipulate images beyond the limits of a single camera shot. stitch, stack, blend images, correct their geometric and photometric distortions and produce stunning perspectives.

We cover a wide range of 3D vision techniques and applications and offer you world class mentoring in the following areas:

- imaging: lens geometric and photometric distortion correction

- openGL transformation of pictures in 3D space

- we recently introduced OpenGL shaders for the functionalities of warping and blending and there are many interesting projects in the area

- this year we also collaborate for the first time with the 3D vision lab at Université de Montréal on 3D volumetric projection on large displays

- last but not least, we're open for your ideas.


  • Ghost removal for enfuse Thanks to Google SoC 2007 hugin got ghost removal for merging to HDR images using khan algorithm. The goal of my work would be to add ghost removal technique to the enfuse tool. This would need some changes to the current implementation interface and altering current implementation to be able to mix the weights generated by enfuse properly with weights generated by khan. As an optional goal I'd like to implement new ghost removal technique (see [2] in content).
  • Layout Panorama Model Hugin currently is largely unaware of stacks and rows of images. I plan to let the user specify the row, column, and bracket of the images, but also try to automatically find them after alignment. They can then use this model help with optimisation of image positions and show each bracket individually in the preview windows. The information can also be used to identify image pairs that should be connected with control points.
  • LightTwist Idea is to port LightTwist to Mac OS, which would allow more people to use the application. It could also be beneficial, since Apple is having educational programs in North America, so porting it on Mac would allow to easily use it in schools (as Yuval mentioned the educational value of this project). In general, I am open to the possibility of working on any project within the Hugin/Panotools community.
  • Straight-line detection for automated lens calibration To correct lens distortion, Hugin requires a user to generate control points on straight lines - a time consuming process - allowing the optimiser to calculate the correct calibration parameters. Hugin should aim to automate as many difficult parts of the work flow as is possible, and given that there are a variety of efficient line detection algorithms available, the lens calibration issue should be addressed. This will allow Hugin to produce better panoramas with less distortion.