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LimeSurvey is an Open Source GPL Web Based Online Survey tool that has been active and continually growing since March 2003.The LimeSurvey Development Community, like the project in general, has been growing steadily over this time.

LimeSurvey is widely used. It has been downloaded from Sourceforge over 100,000 times in the last year, and is included as a package in the Ubuntu Linux Distribution, as well as being included as a pre-installed application in many standard Web Hosting packages (such as Fantastico). Sourceforge also provide LimeSurvey as a free application for open source projects to use.

LimeSurvey is recognised as a leader in its field. On November 29, 2007 LimeSurvey won the 1st prize award at the Les Trophées du Libre contest in the category Corporate Management. In 2008 LimeSurvey was nominated in the category Best Project for the Enterprise in the Community Choice Awards 2008.

LimeSurvey is a global project. Our developers span the earth from Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. The project is translated into 50 different languages, and is designed to operate multi-lingual surveys. It’s borderless in both usage and development. The high usage rates are evidence of our strong feature comparison to closed source commercial applications. (see,en/)


  • LimeSurvey2 Dashboards for Administrators Aim of the project is to create a widget-based customisable dashboard for LimeSurvey2 administrators, allowing them to get an overview of any information inside LimeSurvey2. The widgets, from which the dashboard is constructed from, will be customizable, interactive, reusable and have a consistent design (see mockup:
  • Survey Statistics Module Limesurvey is a tool for data collection and not a tool for data analysis.A general overview is very helpful for users who don't want to use expensive tools for data evaluation. * Extend the question type plugins so they can deliver methods for computing a result summary * Create a report generator so users can put together their own reports with their own graphs or let a wizard do it * Establish filter properties so user can filter results to a certain scope