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openSUSE Project

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openSUSE is a community distribution sponsored by Novell to promote the use of Linux everywhere. openSUSE delivers everything that Linux developers and enthusiasts need to get started with Linux. Hosted at, the project features easy access to builds and releases. It also offers extensive community development programs for open access to the development process used to create SUSE Linux.


  • Integrating oauth into the openSUSE BuildService oauth [1] is an open protocol which describes the required steps for a client to authorize with an API. The goal of this project is to add basic support for oauth to openSUSE BuildService. References: [1]
  • NLP+Voice UI system for the openSUSE desktop This system aims at integrating natural language processing, speech recognition and speech synthesis to develop an intuitive user interface for the users. The system will let users talk or type to the computer in a natural language to perform routine desktop activities (such as playing music, managing software among others). This system will work as an accessibility tool for people with disabilities, as well as a convenient interface for novice and experience users.
  • OpenID Support for openSUSE Build Service The goal is to have a instance of the Build Service where users can log in with an OpenID. The specific requirements are: * Enabling users to login and register with OpenID * OpenID UI for the Web front end * Associating an API key with user * Extending the Authentication mechanism of API to support login via API key * Evaluating/Implementing OAuth to provide access to API Login through OpenID will provide a better user experience to the Web Front end users.
  • openSIS-MySQL openSIS-MySQL is a project started to move this very important education administration software to MySqL. With the completion of this project the software would be ready for integration with Moodle, international education database standards and languages.
  • Porting openSUSE to ARM platform ARM processors are planed to be used in netbooks very widely and both Ubuntu and Xandros announced they are going to work on an ARM port of their distributions. ARM processors are also used in a wide range of mobile devices which now gain popularity. openSUSE should not miss this opportunity.
  • Porting openSUSE to MIPS platform Nowadays, netbook is getting popular increasingly. Also, more and more MIPS based netbooks are emerging. Gdium is one of the MIPS(Loongson) based netbook, running Mandriva G-Linux as its operating system. The goal of this project is porting OpenSuSE to MIPS architecture(here it is mips64el), providing more choices to MIPS based netbook users. Though it may just be a prototype, this project will be the base of further porting work.