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OpenICC is a group of people dedicated to organise how applications, libraries, toolkits and colour devices talk each to the other about colours. The center of this work is the ICC specification, which is surrounded by several general and operating system specific conventions to create a open sourced colour management system.

Oyranos is a example implementation of mentioned conventions to cover ICC profile handling and colour conversions. The newBSD licensed code base is plain C with very few dependencies, namely libxml2 and Elektra. Goal is to use existing standard technology like XML, XFORMS and GLSL. Oyranos features a (almost) data independent framework to plug-in data manipulators, for colour conversions, tonemapping, image I/O and other operators into a data processing graph.

The OpenIcc group consists of the members of the so named email list. OpenICC was started by Scribus members to better support introduction of colour management into applications and discuss general issues. List contributors are application and CMS developers as well as colour management specialists and users, no matter whether commercial, open source and both together.


OpenICC will work this year with three students during the program:


  • Extend printer functionality for Oyranos and Kolor Manager This project will extend printer color profile capabilities for Oyranos, a Color Management System (CMS) that allows users to configure ICC profiles. Currently CUPS has a workable but limited solution for configuring ICC profiles associated with printing devices. By modifying Oyranos to receive profile data from CUPS, it is possible to utilize a more customizable printer pipelining system for Linux, as well as enhance Kolor Manager (a KDE color manager that uses Oyranos as a backend).
  • LProf - Finalize Qt4 port LProf was at one point using Qt3 . It has recently been ported to Qt4 from Qt3. But at this time it is still using the Qt3 compatibility libraries. Basically what is needed is to replace the calls to these compatibility libraries with native Qt4 code. Mostly,I have to find the location of the Qt3 code and then finding what the replacement Qt4 calls would look like.Then I have to modify and test the code.
  • Tonemapping support for the Oyranos colour management system Digital photography has been advancing rapidly in terms of hardware. All introductory priced DSLR camera models now support more than 8bits(up to 14bits) per color channel in raw mode (HDR images). Since LCD/CRT displays support 8bit per channel only, this extra color depth information cannot be presented to the user with current technology. The solution is to compress (tonemap) the image in color space so as to produce an LDR image, suitable for display.