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Fedora Project & (Red Hat)

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The Fedora Project develops and maintains the Fedora GNU/Linux distribution, one of the most successful free Linux distributions. The Fedora Project is managed by Red Hat and driven by a large community of users and developers. Its sister project,, is another project of Red Hat responsible for several leading open source Java projects, including JBossAS, Mobicents, JBossCache and JBossESB.


  • Bayeux4Netty: A Bayeux(Comet) Protocol Codec On Top Of JBoss Netty Bayeux protocol is highly suited for uses where HTTP servers want to send data without a request before. Although it's not widely used now, I believe it will be as important as Ajax in WEB 2.0 scenes, like web IMs, web games. Netty is an excellent basic communication facility, and it doesn't limit to server or client. This project is to implement a Bayeux codec on top of it. By that, you can develop RIA more easily and effectively.
  • DocBook Editor This proposal aims at implementing a WYSIWYG editor for DocBook XML that Fedora uses to author/maintain its documentation. The richness of DocBook can often overwhelm new users. An easy to use tool will attract new contributors and will also provide a convenient alternative to those who are old-timers.The editor will be based on Beacon, an XSLT based plug-able editor. The editor can be used as a stand-alone application or can be integrated with Zikula and Publican.
  • Hibernate Search Hibernate Search brings the power of full text search engines to the persistence domain model. It provides easy way to enable users to search through database data and find what they need. It works in clustered and non clustered environments. Currently clustering is based on JMS. It would be good to explore alternative solutions compare them to existing and choose the best one.
  • InstantMirror InstantMirror combines the best features of all existing repository replication with reverse proxy cache and cache expiry algorithm, rsync-like local directory trees, Torrent style efficient swarming many-to-many data replication. This project after implementation can be useful for mirror networks like, Fedora, Debian, CPAN, etc.
  • JBoss Drools: GSoC 2009 Application My name is Lucas Amador, 24 years old student from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Im currently studying Engineering Systems & French Translator, and this is my proposal to JBoss Drools SoC proyect. In a few words, im going to add a various suggestions & refactoring features to Eclipse Plugin & Guvnor IDE's. All the implementation details are included on the main document, and believe that are enough to this first approach.
  • Making Func a More Fun Remote API to use My name is Denis Kurov (aka makkalot). I'm last year BS major student in Yildiz Technical University from Turkey. Last year i participated to GSOC2008 and completed the program succesfully. I'm still contributing to my last year GSOC project Func. That year i want to add more featured to Func like : -Fanc ORM querying called 'Facts' -Pluggable connection choices -More structured results that come from minions -New additions to FuncWeb
  • pkgdb EndUserUI This is a proposal to develop an extension to the pkgdb to make it more useful to the general fedora user or potential user rather than the package developer which it now targets. Other *nix distributions already have this in different forms (ex: Features include: versions, dependencies, hdd space requirements, license, upstream url, spec file url, file list, commit messages, user comments, tagging, RSS feeds, etc.
  • USB microcontroller programmer with IDE for LINUX OS. This project includes development of hardware device and LINUX software for it. Hardware: USB microcontroller programmer unit. Software: IDE for open source code compiler (SDCC). This project is intended for Fedora Electronic Lab.