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The Tcl/Tk community includes anybody who uses Tcl/Tk, is interested in Tcl/Tk, or just wants to be in the club! Tcl/Tk is used by a wide range of governmental, commercial and educational institutions around the globe. Many well-known and well-regarded systems have either been developed in Tcl/Tk or are using Tcl/Tk as an embedded language (e.g. Expect, AOLserver, DejaGnu, Metakit, Starkit and SQLite). We communicate through IRC (see below), an active development list (see below) and a wiki ( The Eighth European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting will be held in June, and September we will be holding our sixteenth annual Tcl/Tk conference in the USA.


  • Graph Manipulations Hi, I'm Michael and I'm 4th year undergraduate in Gdansk University of Technology at faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (ETI) in Poland. What I am going to do is to extend existing solutions with wide set of functions/algorithms to make TCL well-equipped with Graph Operations and to become attractive language from another point of view.
  • HTTP/1.1 support and Chameleon, native look for Tk widgets The first part of this project deals with HTTP/1.1 support in Tcl: * Chunking: needs compatibility with the -channel and -handler options * Support for pipelined requests in keepalive connections * Support for SOCKS and authenticating HTTP proxies with SSL connections * Support for SSPI authentication The second part is about the Chameleon plugin, which gives native or pixmapped look to Tk widgets: * Tcl/tk 8.5 and 8.6 compatibility * Adaptation to use snit
  • Image Handling Enhancement Project that I would like to participate in is Tk Photo Image Manipulation and Tk Image Handling. I treat this project as one. I would like to implement support for PNG,MNG formats and also JPEG 2000. Other things that I think would be useful are image rotation, floating point scaling, tinting, fourier transforms and other graphical routines that I mention i my application (gaussian bluring, compering pictures using image descriptors,edge detection)
  • Improve GIS support in Tcl. The goal of this project is to produce the necessary language extensions to facilitate programming of GIS systems in Tcl. In particular: * Reading files in popular GIS formats * Presenting GIS data visually * Helper procedures to zoom in/out, etc.
  • Jacl modernization Jacl's latest release supports Tcl 8.0 commands where there is 8.5 already. This idea concentrates to implement new commands (including 'fileevent', regexp and pipes) and modernize the old ones. I'm a Java enthusiast and I want to join the Tcl and Jacl community to continue this project. With my experience in Java I am ready to carry this project and successfully finish it. I have an aim to help the community to release another version of Jacl by my implementation.
  • Regexp engine cleanup The Regexp engine of the tcl language should be improved in following ways: * Improve performance and/or memory usage. * Implement regexp reversion. * Fixed character width is assumed, this should be changed. * Rewrite the code to use tcl's coding style. * Implement stream interface. * Implement lookbehind constraints.
  • SCORM Compliant Content Packaging for Wiki-based Content Development This project is about creating an extension for the most advanced wiki module for the e-learning environment DotLRN. The main part of this project is an implementation of the import and export mechanisms for SCORM content packages, as well as the development of a SCORM compliant run-time environment and authoring platform based on XOWiki.
  • Tcl/Tk Printing Support In TCL there is a noticable lack of complete and unified printing support, which is a very desirable feature. Last year I did one step to improve this situation. This year I would like to continue my work, and make many improvements in my application from last year: * Add better font support for Tktopdf. * Improve the text widget Tktopdf PDF export function. * Add Tile widget support to Tktopdf PDF export functions.
  • TDBC Driver Development I'm goint to improve TDBC driver to make it more versatile by: * Implementing new drivers and adapters to existing interfaces * embedding other connectivity projects under TDBC and using it as a slave below others. I was brought to Tcl/Tk by Tomasz Kosiak and I have a face-to-face contact with him as I work part time for a DAC System. Tomasz assured me, that he can give me positive references for work I have done for him.