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TYPO3 Association

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TYPO3 is a mid size enterprise-class Open Source Content Management System built with PHP.

Estimations are that there are more than 200,000 installations world wide including high profile websites of large companies such as Cisco, VMware, Lufthansa, Volkswagen, T-Online, DHL, 3M, General Electric, and Stanford University to name a few.

The majority of TYPO3’s developer community is situated in Europe and especially Germany, but TYPO3 also seems to steadily become more popular in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

Highlights of TYPO3’s feature set are its complete separation of content and design, a granular permission system, a WYSIWYG rich text editor, an integrated versioning and workflow system, frontend / in-site editing, integrated search engine, dynamic navigation menu generation, dynamic graphics generation, standards compliant output and single source publishing, multi-language support, advanced caching system with reverse proxy support, and user registration. In addition an open API enables very versatile options for developing extensions and additional functionality.

TYPO3 as such is currently undergoing a rewrite from scratch for its upcoming version five in parrallel to the further development on TYPO3 v4. As a basis for TYPO3 v5 a new framework (FLOW3) with features like AOP and DI is being built. Based on FLOW3 and also as another base component for TYPO3 v5 a JSR-283 compliant content repository is being built in a way that it can be reuseed by other open source projects.

The main goal of the TYPO3 Association is to support core development of the TYPO3 Open Source Content Management System on a steadier basis and improve the transparency and efficiency of various aspects of the TYPO3 project.


  • Code Kickstarter for TYPO3 4.3 Extbase This project is about creating a code kickstarter for new plugins, developed on the grounds of the Extbase, the MVC and persistence framework for new TYPO3v4 extensions. It will work similar to the old TYPO3 extension kickstarter in the way that it will still be possible to use a graphical web-based user interface to specifiy the properties of the extension to be generated and then have it be written directly to the extension directory, but go beyond those functionalities in a number of ways.
  • Collaborative Translation System "Collaborative Translation System" module provides a community localization editor, which allows people to collaborate on translating projects to different languages.
  • Improving the FLOW3 Security Framework Currently the basic infrastructure of the FLOW3 Security Framework is implemented. To make the framework usable in real life a lot functionality is needed. E.g. we will have to provide many authentication mechanisms to integrate FLOW3 applications flawlessly in existing infrastructures. With the proposed features we will also proceed in our mission to provide a transparent security framework, which supports the developer as much as possible to write secure web applications without the need of being a security specialist.
  • Versioning for the TYPO3 Content Repository Adding versioning and history handling to TYPO3v5.