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Creative Commons

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Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides legal and technical tools to increase sharing and improve collaboration. Science Commons is a project of Creative Commons that develops technology to enable open data and sharing in science.

You can find the code submissions made to Google at the close of the program at We'll be "shipping" the code to end-users after the close of the program; updates may be found at



  • Attribution helper browser extension Despite the spread of Creative Commons-licensed content over the internet, people face problems reusing such content because it's often not clear whether the attribution information is present and what permissions, requirements and prohibitions it applies to the content. I propose to create an extension for a web browser that would solve problems described above by signalling that a viewed page contains licensed objects, show license terms, and provide attribution information for those objects.
  • OpenOffice Plugin Updates The OpenOffice plug-in for Creative Commons was completed in 2007 as a GSoC project. But now it is out dated and the current extension cannot be used properly in OpenOffice 3 versions. So I plan to: (1) update the Creative Commons plug-in for OO.o 3 SDK. (2) Add support for CC0. (3) Improve the UI and add support for OO.o Draw.
  • Support for CC licenses in Wordpress The Wordpress interface for managing media will be extended to have an option to specify a CC license for uploaded content. The Wordpress interface for writing blog posts will be extended so that when aforementioned content is inserted into an article, the correct markup will be generated.