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DragonFly BSD

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DragonFly BSD, originally branched from FreeBSD on 2003, is working on a new approach to SMP and other kernel systems to enable an open source Single System Image operating system. Along the way, we've been picking up improvements from other BSDs and generally streamlining the underlying 30-year-old BSD code base, with a preference towards making systems less complex and easier to maintain.


Our GSoC 2010 projects are available here:


  • Coalesce + MPSAFE kevent, select, poll and wakeup This project aims to apply DragonFly BSD design ideals to several related key kernel subsystems in an attempt to improve kernel performance, scalability and maintainability.
  • Device Mapper based Logical Volume Management This project aims to modernize the volume management in DragonFly. Currently our only volume manager is vinum, an ancient, unmaintainable pseudo-raid driver. DM has proven its efficiency on Linux for years and numerous targets were added, showing its growth potential. This project would eventually be able to replace vinum, providing flexible and maintainable volume management. The simple dm framework will also allow for easy extension in form of targets such as the intended crypto target.
  • Porting kernel mode-setting, GEM and KMS, to DragonFlyBSD Kernel mode-setting (KMS) and supporting Graphics Kernel Memory Manager Support (GEM) exist in Linux and need to be ported to the BSDs for the next generation of graphics drivers. Complete porting would enable BSD users and developers to fully participate in developing the next generation of drivers. This is a critical time for the BSDs to catch up, but an opportune one as documentation and drivers have matured for relatively recent graphics cards.