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Google Summer of Code 2010


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Geeklog is an open source CMS/weblog application, written in PHP and using MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MS SQL as the database. Originally developed for a security portal, security has always been our main focus. Geeklog has a small but dedicated core development team and a lively community of users and developers contributing patches, plugins, and other add-ons. The main website for Geeklog is We also have some very active international communities in Japan, France, and Germany. The Japanese community even published a book about Geeklog. While Geeklog may be one of the lesser known CMS, it does power a few high-profile sites, e.g. Groklaw. We also know that it is used quite a bit in company intranets and as a web application framework.


  • Cross Site Alert System Proposal (Extended Concepts as well) You can view the document located at: for the complete proposal with all formatting intact.
  • GSoC Application For Calendar Plugin The idea is to make a new calendar plugin for Geeklog that will replace the old one. The new calendar will be easier to maintain, will have a new interface, and will support many features, including recurring events.
  • Improve Configuration GUI Goal to this project is to improve current Configuration GUI. The improvement tasks will be broken into three parts. 1. Define Config Groups and Access Control 2. Improve Config UI Elements 3. Port Existing JavaScript Code into JQuery Code
  • Proposal for Social Networking plugin Social Networking is as popular as ever. This plugin will bring a whole new layer of communication to Geeklog. It will be seamlessly integrated into the Geeklog core to work with securely and efficiently with other Geeklog code. It will allow users to communicate and collaborate in groups as well as increase site customization and popularity.