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Git is close to five years old, and it is probably the most successful revision control system in Open Source by now. Many of the largest and most successful open source projects use it, including the Linux kernel,, BlueZ, Cairo, DragonFly BSD, Etherboot, One Laptop Per Child, Perl, Samba, Thousand Parsec, The Wine Project, VideoLAN, XMMS2, Android Open Source Project, etc. This achievement is the product of the lively Git development community, a loose-knit team of developers, technical writers, and end users with a passion for high quality open-source development.


  • Completing Libgit2 The goal of this application is the completion of several key features which the libgit2 library (a stand-alone git library which is being written from scratch) is currently lacking to interoperate with existing git repositories, namely, the revision walking mechanism and the functionality for index and reference manipulation.
  • git-remote-svn | Native SVN support in Git The objective of git-remote-svn is to provide native interaction with SVN repositories in Git, the motivation for which comes from the shortcomings of git-svn. I intend to do this by building a remote helper for SVN. Several good SVN exporters already exist, and using one of them with a remote helper should eliminate a lot of the plumbing that git-svn tackles by hand. Also, using a remote helper to interact will provide a simple and natural UI at no additional cost.
  • Line level history browser This project will add a set of new features to 'git log' command. And these features will allow our users to track change history of any lines of source files. Generally, it provide users with the ability to insight the code in line level.