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GNOME offers an easy to understand desktop for your GNU/Linux or UNIX computer.


  • A more useful Now Playing source for Banshee The Now Playing source is an underutilized component of the Banshee user interface. The goal of this proposal is to extend that interface to be a source for extended information about the currently playing media. After the completion of this project, the Now Playing source will replace (or augment) the current behavior of the Context Pane, but also be extended to account for other media types such as podcasts, videos, audio books, and internet radio.
  • Anjuta Snippets Plug-in The plug-in will allow easy insertion of code snippets into the Anjuta IDE editor and will have enough options to benefit the easy management of those snippets. By management I mean: easy browsing trough the existing snippets, editing them, importing new ones and exporting them into snippet packages so those snippets can be shared. The snippets themselves will be interactive.
  • Clutter screensavers The objective is to create cool trendy screensavers based on Clutter, and increase the aesthetic appeal of GNOME to its users, in a way similar to what xscreensaver used to do.
  • DACP support in Rhythmbox This proposal intends to create an open-source implementation of the DACP protocol, aka iPhone/iPod Remote app, as a plugin to the Rhythmbox music player as the "server" and a proof-of-concept GObject-based "client".
  • Ease : presentation authoring tool for the GNOME desktop Currently, there is a lack for a good presentation editor on the GNOME desktop. This summer project addresses the problem and will try to provide a simple, yet efficient presentation tool. Taking part of the rich Clutter animation library and written with Vala, it shall be fast, pretty and reliable.
  • Enhance the operation of GNOME Shell LookingGlass The goal of this project is to extend LookingGlass, GNOME Shell's debugging console, in order to provide css support. In specific, the user will be able to view and edit an element's css rules. This feature will enable managing an element's design (appearance), independently from its JavaScript functionality, and will hopefully be a user-friendly tool for designers to experiment on the look and feel of GNOME widgets.
  • Extending Jokosher to Include a Musical Score Editor The goal of this project would be to extend Jokosher to include a Musical Score Editor that uses the MusicXML2Midi GStreamer element to playback audio. Whilst this would not be an exhaustive implementation of one, it would include the bare minimum required to be usable to create simple sheet music.
  • Flesh-Out the Message Tray in Gnome Shell Build up the functionality of the message tray in gnome shell, that is, move status icons to the tray and add useful controls/menus to them. Improve the tray's interaction with programs like telepathy, gwibber, and rhythmbox. Also, provide more configuration options for the message tray's behavior
  • gedit multiviews The idea of this proposal is to make a major rewrite of the internals to provide a way to split up documents, see different documents at the same time and to provide several views for the same document (i.e: html or latex preview)
  • Getting things GNOME! integration with online services Development of a framework to synchronize the TO-DO manager "Getting Things GNOME!" with online (and offline) providers of "things to do". Providers can range from traditional online TO-DO managers, à la Remember the Milk, to bugs assigned to you in a bug tracker. A few of them will be implemented: Remember the Milk, Evolution Data Server, Launchpad , twitter (for adding tasks when receiving direct messages marked #todo) and perhaps Couch-DB
  • Getting Things GNOME! Web Service and API The goal of this proposal is to add Getting Things GNOME! (GTG) web service and API similar to Snowy for Tomboy. This enables synchronization between GTG installations and provides access to GTG data on mobile and other desktop platforms.
  • GNOME Project Mallard online System online to create, edit, review Mallard Syntax document for GNOME Documentation Project
  • GTK+ refactoring to make possible GTK+ 3 The idea of GTK+3 is around since 2007 (when GTK+ 2.12 was released). We have GTK+ 2.20 now and seems that there'll be another GTK+ 2.x release. It's time to change this and help to make GTK+3 (finally) possible.
  • Improving the desktop experience with the "Task" and "TaskMonitor" D-Bus API The central idea is to export all information related to a running task (e.g. a download, a synchronization, a transcode) and make them available to other applications. This allows various things like the removal of many redundant progress dialogues, the contextual display of progress information and an even more intelligent power management.
  • Make a Tracker based ORM The idea is to make an ORM to make it dead easy to store, retrieve and update objects from Tracker. Tracker store now being a GNOME module, it's gonna be used by more and more applications. It's therefore very important to ensure it's easy to use. Currently, it can quickly become tedious to update triples in an RDF database. I intend to give a stab at that problem, and hopefully succeed :)
  • Proposal for completing Jokosher Telepathy support for recording VoIP calls and extending it with Tubes support My name is Peteris Krisjanis, I'm 29 years old IT specialist/student from Latvia, I'm in second year of my CS bachelor’s degree program, and this is proposal for completing Jokosher Telepathy VoIP support, create basic Telepathy Tubes support for Jokosher and high quality sync after recording upon it.
  • Rhythmbox: Improved Plugin is a fantastic tool for browsing and listening to music, unfortunately Rhythmbox's current plugin has an unintuitive user interface. It also uses an old and deprecated API. This project will port the plugin to use the current API, as well as making the user interface more intuitive and rewarding to use.
  • Spicing up Cheese - Sexier Form and More Function The aim of this project is to make Cheese sexier than it is right now - "It should help its users get laid". The main goal is to make Cheese a one-stop cool picture production factory - Pick one of the tons of effects that make you look great, take a shot and upload.
  • Totem Markers/Chapters Support Support of chapters/markers of imdexed media (annodex/ccml) in Totem movie player
  • Zeitgeist: Libzeitgeist wrapper around DBus API Implement a Library wrapping around the DBus API and Data model using C/Vala. Use GObject-Introspection for support of other Programing languages.