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Google is a proud user and supporter of Open Source software and development methodologies. As a company, Google contributes back tothe Open Source community in a variety of ways, including source code, Project Hosting on Google Code, and our student programs Google Summer of Code(TM) and the Google Highly Open Participation Contest(TM). For more information on Google's open source activities, visit


Our project code repository for 2010 is here:


  • Hierarchy in Meritocracy: Community building and code production in the ASF, EF, and PSF The ASF explains the success of its communities and the software they produce by claiming that meritocratic principles and organizational orientation to software engineering through community building, set them apart from other open source communities. The relevance of these claims, and therefore of institutions like Meritocracy, can be explained and better understood by analyzing them through an organizational model of open source.
  • Implement automated training missions for OpenHatch. I will add functionality to the OpenHatch website such that users can learn how to use the tools and resources necessary to successfully contribute to open source projects by completing missions involving interaction with, for example, version control systems or bug trackers. Projects could recommend specific missions for prospective contributors to complete to learn the tools and resources the projects use.