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  • Gstreamer VDPAU support Many of todays video cards have built in decoders for a lot of different formats. By adding support for these decoders to Gstreamer, we'll enable playback of HD content on CPU limited hardware where it otherwise would have been impossible. It will also help to unburden the CPU on more powerful hardware so that you for example could compile the Linux kernel while watching your favorite movie.
  • iXMF Interactive XMF (iXMF) is the world's first open interactive audio container format. Designed by the gaming industry, it intends to standardize interoperable interactive audio content. GStreamer currently doesn't support iXMF and having iXMF/XMF support would be a great leap for GStreamer into the gaming market, since it would pioneer a new important standard. This project's main goal is to add iXMF support to GStreamer and making a foundation for XMF-derived format types.
  • Jokosher-PiTiVi Integration Integration to allow the Jokosher audio editor and PiTiVi video editors to be used alongside each other with synchronised content.
  • Permit Pitivi users to add effects to the videos they are editing. Add the support for effects in the Pitivi Video editor. The main goal is to permit user to add effects to the video they are editing. I will permit to add all kind of effect easily in Pitivi and implement the most important ones.
  • Video 3D support The proposed project is to add support for stereoscopic video to GStreamer. This support will come from three plugins: one merging two separate streams in a single 3D stream, one splitting a 3D stream into two separate streams and third one converting a 3D stream into an analglyph stream viewable with red-blue or red-cyan glasses. Support for the Multiview Video Coding (MVC) of H.264/AVC will also be added with encoder and decoder plugins.