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The Maemo community is a open source community developing software around the Maemo platform. The Maemo community has over 32,000 registered members who contribute to more than 1200 development projects. We work with open source tools and processes. We develop new software on top of the platform as well as for the core platform itself. Applications developed with the Maemo SDK are used today by thousands of Maemo users around the world. The Maemo community is a well-organized group of people, including a Community Council (elected by community members every six months). The Maemo Community Council exists to represent the interests of the greater Maemo community other affiliated bodies.




This organization also covers ideas and projects for the upcoming MeeGo project.


  • eBook reader for Maemo 5 The goal of this Google Summer of Code -project is to develop an eBook reader for Maemo 5 using Qt 4.6 libraries. The eBook reader should be simple, easy to use and it should support at least most common eBook formats.T he UI should be touch-optimized and finger-friendly.
  • Extending Shepherd Shepherd is an advanced scheduler that can do a wide variety of tasks depending on a number of triggers. The project will aim to improve on the capabilities of Shepherd. I plan to add more ways of triggering an action and more actions to be taken when the triggers is meet.
  • FaceBrick - a facebook client for Maemo / the N900 The project would focus on adding features to the newly created application, FaceBrick. Apart from FaceBrick, there is only one Facebook widget for maemo and it does not provide a whole lot of functionality. Judging by the responses from the community, there seems to be an interest for a full Facebook client.
  • Gtk+ Input Method for the Harmattan Input Method UI Framework Implement a Gtk+ Input Method plugin for the Harmattan Input Method UI Framework for use by the future community-maintained Maemo Gtk+.
  • Optical Page Reader for the N900 I plan to make an application for the Nokia n900 to allow blind and visually impaired people to read books, newspapers, magazines, signs, and other printed text on their own. The user simply opens the app and takes a picture of the document. The app then processes the image with an OCRFeeder-based backend and reads it aloud via text-to-speech software.
  • Porting Canola to Maemo 5 and beyond The aim of this project is to port Canola to Maemo 5, fixing problems that it shows. Also change some of the underlying libraries to adequate better to Maemo 5 infrastructure/guidelines. Moreover the project aims to prepare Canola for Meego.
  • The Tablet of Adventure: a location-based social adventure The Tablet of Adventure is a tool for generating and sharing location-based adventures with Maemo devices. The adventures may be manually created or follow the Geohashing "automatic adventure generator" concept as popularised by the xkcd comic (#426)
  • Transifex mobile Qt4 based Transifex client application for Maemo with caching feature.
  • UPnP Remote Access UPnP is a set of protocols which collectively implement the plug-and-play feature, allowing servers to announce their addresses and hosted services, while enable clients to automatically discover and use the announced services dynamically with minimal configuration. UPnP performs multicast messaging to discover services over the network, which makes its usage limited to the local domain. The project aims to extend the UPnP network reach, by bridging UPnP domains securely over the Internet.