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Google Summer of Code 2010


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The goal of this project is to create a framework for representing Open Source contribution workflows, such as the existing Google Summer of Code TM (GSoC) program. Using this framework, it will be possible to host future Google Summer of Code programs (and other similar programs, such as the Google Highly Open Participation TM Contest, or GHOP) on Google App Engine.


  • New Data Seeder Currently, Melange lacks a more advanced system for seeding data. This projects aims to create a new data seeder module that will be flexible and extensible enough for most needs. A web interface will be provided which will allow seeding both locally and remotely.
  • New Document Editor Provide a better way to handle documents, document revisions and document editing in Melange. The main tasks are: embedding full-featured WYSIWYM editor with markdown support, custom tags, code highlighting, anchors and control over appearance; support for document autosaving; document version control and ACLs.
  • SOCIAL FEATURES FOR MELANGE: GSOC 2010 This project aims to enhance the existing SoC framework with two main social features. The Calendar feature (with GeoModel integration) and the inclusion of MelBlog! (Customized User pages) for each user. These are proposed to be integrated into the existing architecture of SoC.
  • Testing, Code Guru, Code Quality Assurance This project is to add unit test suites/cases for the logic and views of the existing modules. These test suites/cases will enable developers to refactor the existing code at any time while at the same time to ensure that they still work correctly by passing all the tests (i.e. regression testing). This project will also serve as a basis for the Melange team to switch the development methodology to test driven development.