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MoinMoin Wiki

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The MoinMoin project is developing a popular wiki engine in Python.




Wikis are getting more and more important for the communication infrastructure of OSS groups all over the world.



Especially groups like Apache, Ubuntu, Python, Debian, Xen, KernelNewbies, (de), etc. are using MoinMoin to keep the contact going with their users and developers and for documentation.


Code repository with GSoC 2010 student code submissions:


  • Add support for different conversions between the DOM tree and other formats. The next MoinMoin version will use an internal DOM tree to store document. At this time some conversions are missing, especially between DOM Tree and DocBook format. I am offering here to carry out this task during the next summer.
  • Wiki-like formats support Hello Moinmoin. I've chose your project for my proposal, because i'm interested in python expirience. I love python, but at my university i have only C/C++ tasks because of my specialization(parallel computing). I'm also have some thought about other your tasks, but i think i'll do my best with wiki-like formats support. Sorry for my english.