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OAR is a Resource and Job Management System (RJMS) for high performance computing clusters. It is based upon an original design that emphasizes on low software complexity by using high level components. The global architecture is built upon the scripting languages Perl and Ruby, a relational database engine Mysql/Postgresql and a parallel/scalable remote execution tool for clusters TakTuk ( OAR is used as the base of other sub-projects like CiGri ( and ComputeMode ( CiGri is a simple computing grid for parametric applications grabbing idle cpus. It is plugged on OAR for grid scientific experiments. Moreover, OAR is the RJMS of the French -experimental grid platform Grid5000 ( OAR projects' objective is to prove that it is possible today to build a complex system for resource management using such tools without sacrificing efficiency and scalability.


  • OAR-TestSuite Project Proposal OAR RMS is a Software that manages Reservations,access granting etc..of Cluster Resources so that users can connect & use them. It requires a TestSuite to verify if the installation of software is successful and if the entire system functions as desired. A Framework is required that will perform test cases on OAR functions. TestCases to be developed using Plugin-Technology so that more testcases can be added or modified to incorporate more error-resistant ideas.
  • Oaradmin integration into the RESTful API The main purpose of this project is the integration of OAR administration API (oaradmin) into the OAR Restful API and develop missing features needed for the wizard API. Some extensions will also be developed with an emphasis on optimization.
  • Virtual Cluster The project's idea is to reclaim idle CPUs to form a high-performance cluster using OAR desktop computing feature inside virtual machines
  • Web Portal Develop a web portal for job submission. The Portal should be able to provide all the possible options provided when command line (ex. batch/interactive jobs, reservations, checkpoint/restart feature, besteffort/deploy type of jobs ...etc).