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Google Summer of Code 2010

OpenInkpot project

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OpenInkpot is open project developing free/libre software for eBook devices with ePaper-like screens (those like Kindle or Sony PRS-505, though we're not yet running on those -- you can help!)


  • Evas_Image memory optimizations and low-bpp xcb-based Evas engine. I'm going to implement a new low-bpp xcb-based Evas engine and optimize Evas_Image Object. This will considerably reduce the overall memory usage of the OpenInkpot system, which suffer from out-of-memory problems.
  • Port OpenInkpot to the Kindle DX For the Google SoC 2010 I propose to work on porting OpenInkpot to a currently unsupported ebook reader. Thus collecting the necessary hardware specifications and writing or porting the relevant Linux kernel drivers for OpenInkpot to be usable on the new hardware.
  • Port OpenInkpot to uClibc I plan to reduce OpenInkpot's memory footprint by porting it to the uClibc C standard library. This could provide many benefits for the users and developers of OpenInkpot.