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OPeNDAP is a non-profit software foundation supported primarily by grants. Our mission is to support, promote and direct the further development of the Data Access Protocol (DAP), a network protocol used to access and subset all kinds of scientific data.


  • OPeNDAP Google SoC - Web Site Design Project I (Ryan Scott) propose to update the OPeNDAP website using a content management system such as Drupal. The ultimate goal of this project will be to implement a smooth, functional, and well-organized website design that can be updated and edited very easily without needing to log in to the host server.
  • SQLH: SQL Handler SQLH: SQL Handler This is a Hyrax plugin, useful to add SQL Query capabilities to the BES server. With the first release you can: * Use OLFS to set constraints * Set complex SQL (standard) query into the dataset file (Join, union) * Set constraints into the dataset * Set database password access (from dataset file OR using constraints) * Set different accessed database type (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc). It is coded in C++ using a ODBC driver (to query DBs).