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Opticks is a free and open source remote sensing application and development framework. Opticks is similar to commercial tools like ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, SOCET GXP, and RemoteView. Opticks can be used to load remote sensing data, usually imagery, and then perform analysis on that data to come to some conclusion. For example, Opticks can be used to work with hyper-spectral, multi-spectral, synthetic aperture radar, and motion imagery data. Opticks is also a development framework with a rich API and plug-in architecture that allows developers to use C++ to build new remote sensing algorithms and to create new remote sensing products. The majority of Opticks is actually implemented using it's own API and plug-in architecture.


  • Adding Image Stack Support and New Algorithm Plugin for Opticks In the project, I will mainly design and implement some new algorithm plugins for Opticks. These new algorithm include anomaly detection, target detection. Apart from this, I will also implement a plugin to merge image data and enable user to load image files from different band files for Opticks.
  • Speckle removal and edge detection tool for SAR image In this project, I am going to work on the speckle removal and edge detection part for SAR processing tools. I am going to try the refined Lee filter for speckle removal and wavelet transform based edge detection/noise removal. Also I hope to try texture segmentation for SAR images if there is enough time