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We're creating phpMyAdmin (, a tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It supports most MySQL features and is very widely used by hosting providers.

Our project code repository for 2010 is here:


  • AJAXify the phpMyAdmin Interface Implement an AJAX based interface in phpMyAdmin. Server side PHP code will be modified so that only the necessary content will be generated. On the client side, jQuery, it's plugins and jQueryUI will be used to attach functions to events, and the response will be inserted at the appropriate location on the page. Backward compatibility will be maintained for browsers without JavaScript support.
  • Charts in phpMyAdmin Chart implementation in the following places of phpMyAdmin: charts in server status page, showing query type statistics charts showing query results charts showing query execution time structure Open Flash Chart project and GD library would be used for generating charts. Code structure would be modular allowing easy addition of new chart types and chart generating back-ends.
  • Exporting Relations schema to SVG,EPS,PDF,MS Visio and Dia's XML file formats I will introduce very magnificent features to help the demonstration of dynamic view of database structure by using PHP,MYSQL and XML, having ability to export Relations schema in SVG,EPS,PDF,MS Visio and Dia's XML file formats. The features, I am catering will possibly be available in phpMyAdmin schema tab along with other tabs.
  • phpMyAdmin User Interface Cleanup Any unseasoned user of phpMyAdmin can easily be confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information and the number of functionalities displayed on the interface. The goal of this project is to address and fix this problem along with other usability problems that may cause confusion, reduce efficiency and lead users to make errors.
  • User preferences phpMyAdmin has many preferences that affect only it's interface, without any impact on security, but they can be only changed by editing the config file. It would be beneficial for a user to set his own preferences, overriding the default ones. It would make using phpMyAdmin more user friendly, especially if a user could export settings to a text file and import it in other installations.
  • Visual Query Builder For PhpMyadmin To add an interactive Visual query builder for phpmyadmin.