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Google Summer of Code 2010

Puppet (Reductive Labs)

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We’re the team behind Puppet, the open source leader in data center automation. Puppet is a model-driven open source framework designed to efficiently manage data center infrastructure. It’s the Sys Admin’s best friend, reducing error counts and downtime, saving countless hours and providing significantly higher service quality. Puppet lets Sys Admins spend less time on mundane tasks and instead focus on managing their infrastructure as a whole.


  • Puppet Network Module I'm proposing a puppet module that can manage network interfaces for unix and linux systems. The module would be able to change ip addresses, change between static and dynamic, and should be able to manage anything in /etc/sysconfig/network. System Administers would be confident knowing their network configurations are being managed by puppet, ensuring consistency across all systems and saving valuable time.
  • Types for virtual machines administration and Gepetto development In order to acquire better result at systems administration, the automatization of their monitoring and configuration is essential. Puppet covers some of these needs but lacks types for virtual machines administration. Due this fact, I intend to implement those types. Another feature to implement in this GSoC, is getting Gepetto included at Puppet's core to provide an environment to build and test the Puppet configuration would be a great improvement.