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SharpDevelop is an open source IDE for C#, VB.NET and other languages on the .NET platform. It is typically used as an alternative to Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET. It includes features like a forms designer, code completion, code generation, integrated debugger, refactoring support, SVN integration, code conversion between C# and VB.NET, integrated support for testing and many other features. The project is as old as the .NET platform itself - it started in the year 2000 and it has been actively developed ever since. SharpDevelop has been translated by the community into over 18 languages and it is downloaded nearly 2000 times each day.


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  • Code Quality Analysis Code Quality Analysis for SharpDevelop is very important, because it is important for developer to be able visualize characteristic of code. Developer should be able to see dependency between types and methods and if needed so refactor the code. Developer also should be able to see various code metrics about his code like cyclomatic complexity, unused or dead code. Number lines of code and comments. Average number of lines per method and so on.
  • ReSharper features for SharpDevelop, Debugger GUI Developers often spend time on many mechanical tasks with which the IDE could help. I would like to implement features helping to save developers' time and making coding more enjoyable.
  • Visual Basic 2008 and 2010 support for SharpDevelop SharpDevelop has good support for C#. Since introduction of VB9 (2008) SharpDevelop’s support for VB is lacking most new features. Supporting Visual Basic properly is important because VB is still more widely used than C#. I want to implement lexer and parser features, improve code completion, code generation, code snippets and much more.
  • WPF Designer Since .Net framework 3.0 release, WPF is being used extensively for designing user interfaces. SharpDevelop lacks a good designer for that in terms of editing features, adorners for layout panels and controls, using resources, shortcuts provided, Document outline preview etc. The project intends to improve the current WPF Designer by improving upon the above.