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The StatusNet platform enables communities, brands and organizations to incorporate micro messaging into their own domain. Thousands of businesses and online communities are already using StatusNet to stay connected. Founded by experienced professionals from the Open Source and Wiki communities, StatusNet Inc. is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and has offices around the world. We actively support the Status.Net open source software community both as a contributor and by providing developer resources. We also provide professional support contracts and customization services for companies that use the StatusNet software on their servers for intranet or Internet micro messaging.


  • Finding People You Already Know This task will allow users to break their boundaries, make new friends, find existing friends across StatusNet powered domains and follow, interact and expand their thoughts with them. The approach will tap into a users contact list on his other public profiles. Search existing friends with OStatus accounts using the Social Graph API and FOAF. Mark possibly new friends and suggest the user to follow them.
  • Social music server plugin (" lite") I propose to create a plugin which implements the API and displays/publishes information regarding it. I'd also like to make these streams easily subscribable from other sites running the same plugin or just StatusNet. I will create an interface for exporting all of the tracks you've played, for records and for moving elsewhere. Given some extra time, I'd like to create a central server to push to and the pushing functionality.
  • !Everywhere Twitter has announced it's @anywhere platform and we can assume it's something like Google Friend Connect or Facebook Connect. It'll be awesome if this functionality also available for users and organization too. That's why !Everywhere comes to fill the gap.
  • Twitter lists Implement a feature similar to Twitter's lists on StatusNet. Also provide for subscriptions and updates via OStatus federation and expose a Twitter-compatible lists API.
  • Windows Messenger/IRC chat interface plugins Implementation of two new chat interface plugins for StatusNet. Windows Messenger Windows Messenger is very popular among those with less technical skills who may otherwise not use the chat interface functions. Implementing this plugin would open the chat interface functions to a new audience of users. IRC After discussion in the IRC channel, it is clear that there is demand for an IRC plugin. Both the plugins will use the same commands as the existing XMPP plugin.